Sjarmant Watches started with an idea to renovate the all-too-boring watch industry. Many watch manufacturers bring out new designs, but we feel that in essence these new designs are nothing new, mostly just a variation of an old design that used to sell 30 years ago.

The wristwatch concept was first tried during the First Boer War (1880-1881) in South Africa by British troops, as the pocket watches made maneuverability difficult, and then gained popularity.

We feel it nothing more than merited that this concept that started in South Africa gets a makeover from South Africa.

Our Corporate Identity therefore reflects this as a tribute to both the watch industry and the country that made the wristwatch popular.

Our logo is that of a Cape Dwarf Chameleon (Bradypodion Pumilum), native to the Cape of Good Hope, inspired by the internal movements of a watch.

Being naturally green, the chameleon can adapt to its surroundings as it sees fit. It is exquisite and elegant.

Our colors are green (which is the color of bourgeoisie, spring and economic and cultural flourishing) and black (which is the color of power and elegance).